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You may have heard the famous statement “The future of search is verbs.” These are none other than Bill Gates’ words at a private dinner. He didn’t insist on the words that most people write to make a search. Instead, he insisted to understand why people search in a specific pattern for a particular thing.

According to the famed tycoon, it is important to understand why people search before gathering clues why online search is so important for an organization. Only an SEO expert can evaluate the effectiveness of the small steps taken to improve a website and that starts with a user’s search.

Like it’s said, why do people want to search online?

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    Initially, people started to put words into the search box to find similar content in a document full of words. But, people now have become so accustomed to the use of the internet that searching has become a part of their daily routine.

    Now they take help from the internet to solve their problem. They don’t look up similar words but they search to know something new or to accomplish something with the help of the internet.

    Now, people search for many things on the internet. They use it to book movie tickets or flights, to know homemade remedies of their hair problem, or simply to learn the lyrics of The Weeknd’s new song. These are all actions done by netizens and Gates suggested this action as ‘verbs’.

    The users begin a search because they are driven to it with the urge of solving something. When marketers use the fascinating phrase “the consumer journey,” they mean the journey the users start with an online search. It is a fancy way to express the whole path that a person takes until the task is complete. It all starts with a simple click on the search button.

    The term isn’t popularized just because it sounds fancy but it holds real meaning. It has gained a huge part in search over the last few years.

    The period of searching is explained as a funnel by the SEO expert where users enter to acquire knowledge and they reach at the end of the funnel when they decide to purchase something after a long search.

    The gradual change of search and the new structure of the consumer journey

    The SEO expert in Chandigarh suggests that the modern consumer journey is no longer close to the theory represented as a funnel. The path of the journey isn’t so simple anymore; it has become a twisted straw depicting those turns as different channels, modes, and devices that users come in contact with at present.

    The SEO expert in Chandigarh proposes a new way that includes simple words to modify the search journey. A search has to be done by simply words that appear on the page. This has become helpful to understand the intention of the internet users at every step of the evolved consumer journey.

    Among other SEO professionals, the SEO expert in Chandigarh believes that a search has become more about the additional aspects and less about keywords. Only keywords are no longer efficient for a helpful search. A proper search has found the way to provide the right content that a user is searching for at the least time so that they can easily accomplish their task.

    • A good website should be able to provide all the necessary information in a convenient way that enables more authenticity and customer loyalty. Website designing services in Chandigarh make that easy for all kinds of users.
    • Navigation – This is one of the prior aspects of any website design. To provide the users exactly what they are looking for, the products and services should be categorized in a way that helps everyone. Website designing services in Chandigarh creates easier and user-friendly navigation system can easily attract more customers. Consider a big shopping mall and well-designed shopping website; which is more convenient to find your product? You know the answer.
    SEO Expert In Chandigarh
    • Conversion – A great Website designing company in Chandigarh  can guide the user’s eyes and show them exactly what action they should go for. The design has the potential to draw attention to special offers and the latest products which enable more sales and growth of the business. Website designing services in Chandigarh can craft such effective designs with creativity and professionalism.
    • Brand Trust – Modern design and professional touch encourage more brand trust. Website designing services in Chandigarh are making bonding the customers and a business even more reliable and trustworthy. Style, logo, color scheme; everything is part of it.

    Best principles for website designing

    Whenever the word ‘Design’ pops in mind the only thing that people think of is the visual appearance. However, Website designing services are far beyond just a visual experience but also keeping an on the utility and usability, which determines the success of a website. Since users are the only persons who hover through the website and avail of the product and services, it is very much important to make the design user-centric. Website designing services in Chandigarh can make your website more profit-oriented by making a standard and easier approach to the customers. Here are some of the principles of website designing, followed by the expert in the field, Net For Solutions.

    1. Let’s not make the users think too much

    According to Hick’s Law, the more choices are given to the users the more they are likely to get confused among the plethora of features and options. Keeping that in mind, Website designing services in Chandigarh create designs that are simple, minimalistic, and filled with open space. A simple user interface helps to execute an action from point A to point B, without any intermediate state.

    The web page should be self-explanatory in order to make it clear as water to the visitors. Website designing services in Chandigarh provide one of the most effective website designs through which the visitors can perform a task with ease, without finding FAQs or frequently asked questions.

    1. Do not squander the patience of users

    If you are providing the visitors some services or products, keep the requirements less or minimal. Many random visitors want to try out a service or product as a trial. Obviously, they won’t be interested in filling up a long sign-up form for an account which they are not going to use in the future. Keeping users’ patience in mind Website designing services in Chandigarh offer minimalistic designs which enable more web traffic and online engagement.

    1. Focus users’ attention

    The human eye is a non –linear device and that is why it catches motion, shadow, and edges more than anything. For example, sudden advertisement pop-ups can be really annoying, but it serves the marketing purpose as it can manipulate the users' eyes or vision. Website designing services in Chandigarh create WebPages with a better sense of orientation and eye-soothing arrangement.

    The latest research says, the visitors and users are focused on some particular places on a page of particular words of a sentence, which can be considered as hot spots. Website designing services in Chandigarh consider all those hot spots and make creatively effective designs that make the website more useful.

    1. Strive for simplicity

    There is a term called (KIS) which means ‘Keep it Simple’. It is the primary goal of any website designing and religiously followed by the Website designing services in Chandigarh. If you are trying to provide your visitors a unique experience, then strive for simplicity instead of complexity. Looking from the visitors’ perspective the best website design is minimal, ad-free, purely text, and simple enough to handle.

    1. Make use of writing and fonts

    Website and web platforms are different than print media. That is why the text and fonts put a different impact on the users online. It is necessary to adjust the writing style and fonts accordingly user’s preference ease of eyes. Using straight fonts with any complex calligraphic style helps the users to read more. Also, important sections should be highlighted and the writing should be categorized by importance. All these practices are well maintained by the Website designing services in Chandigarh.

    Writing should be crisp and simple and mainly oriented with business. Avoid personal approaches and exaggerated words which make your website look like a fake and decaying website rather than a well active and maintained site.

    1. White Space and Visible language

    Most people think white space or blank space on a page makes the page less attractive. But in reality, things are quite opposite. White space enables more space and better adjustment for eyes to focus on everything without trying too hard. Whether it’s text or an image, blank space attracts more users with a minimalistic approach. Website designing services in Chandigarh are making that approach with their amazing web designing ideas.

    Visible language is the language that users see on the screen. The language includes simplicity, clarity, and interactive features which makes the website more user-friendly.

    The idea of the Pocket pinch

    Only knowing all the strategies and principles cannot execute the task but can provide a brief idea of how the design can be made. However, for any development process, the prior concern is budget.

    Website designing services in Chandigarh provide affordable website designing ideas that can empower any website or company. But the budget is flexible and depends on a few aspects of design. Obviously, a complex website design will cost more than a simple one, but Website designing services in Chandigarh have proved that a simple design can be effective too. The cost of preparing a website can be categorized in two ways – one is the development and the other is designing.

    Website Development Cost

    This depends on the utility of the website and how to advance it is which is directly proportional to the cost. Some of the factors that affect the cost are,

    • Technology that is incorporated
    • The total number of WebPages
    • The number of features
    • Additional services

    Depending upon these factors the cost keeps ranging from high to low. If you want to include more features, it definitely increases the cost. However, Website designing services in Chandigarh help to keep things at a nominal price.

    Designing cost based on goals

    There are different types of features that you can try to integrate into the website. Based on these features the cost of designing can range from high to low. Here are the features –

    • SEO friendliness
    • Map integration
    • Social media integration
    • Contact form
    • Mobile responsive layout
    • Image slider
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Image gallery
    • Testimonials
    • Blog

    Depending on your vision and goal of designing, you can manipulate the price-point higher to lower. The Website designing services in Chandigarh can guide your well in this matter.

    Static or Dynamic

    Dynamic website design is trendy these modern days. The interface of an attractive website is rich with high-quality graphic images, interactive elements & lightweight animation. In order to create a user-engaging website, dynamic ones are suggested for every business owner. Website designing services in Chandigarh are best known for creating Dynamic websites.

    On the other hand, Static business websites can be really helpful for beginners in the industry to initiate their website. It also costs less than the dynamic ones. Website designing services in Chandigarh are well renowned for creating effective static website designs.

    Closing Idea

    As mentioned before, the cost of designing a website boils down to the features and resources that you can invest in. If you have enough resources, it is time to go for a fully-fledged dynamic website. However, if you are still in doubt about your budget and resources, a basic website can serve the purpose as well. Website designing services in Chandigarh skillfully create all kinds of websites for the betterment of a business.


    Now that you are aware of the importance, strategies, and pricing system of w web designing process, you proceed to avail of service from Website designing services in Chandigarh to find the leading company in the field. However, with numerous web designing companies, it can be a little difficult to find a legitimate one. That is where Net For Solutions come with their various services and packages to empower all kinds of business by building an effective, interactive, and attractive web design.


    SEO or search engine optimization is a vital process to increase the visibility and online presence of a website. A search engine cannot understand a particular website. However, if appropriate keywords are implemented, it helps the website to pop up with every successive search result as the search engines can read the webpage through keywords. SEO helps to gain visibility quite easily.
    The active users on the internet will not get to know about your website if it is not easily findable through any basic search engine like Google. And if your website cannot gather enough visibility and web traffic, you are more likely to not get any profit out of it. To gain profitable visibility, the website needs to appear in the top 10 results on the first page of the search engines. With the help of local SEO services in Chandigarh, the task can be done with ease.
    Well, the SEO process can take very little time or longer than expected depending on the expectation of ranking, competition in the market, and suitable keywords. A legitimate SEO service can take some time but the results are long-lasting and maintain the ranking if the website is well active. So don’t fall for any quick SEO solutions which can cost you money but can’t show an effective result.
    In the aspect of budget and pricing system, SEO services cost less than paid advertisements yet show better results than it. However, the price for the service is quite subjective as it varies from one agency to another and the features of their service. If you feel confused; consider Return on Investment or ROI and decide yourself whether you want to avail of the service or not. If you can afford a legitimate SEO service, you can do it. There are over 250 million websites available on the internet or web and only SEO can help your website to stand out among all.
    This depends on multiple factors and no one can assure the total time taken for the whole service to get done. The desired ranking can happen very quickly or can take much time depending on the keyword selection and competition in the niche industry. If highly competitive keywords are chosen to beat the competitors, optimizing the pages can take much time. Off-page optimization also takes much time. So the best option is to work on the pages and wait until the desired ranking is achieved for SERP or search engine result pages.
    If you do not have enough experience with SEO, it is better not to do it. The wrong choice of keywords and inexperienced mistakes can cause de-ranking and damage to the website’s visibility. Hire an expert in SEO for this case.


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